Case Study: The Singapore Theory, how it relates to Residual Paranormal Activity –Dean Fougere

This is a case study of the Singapore Theory and how it interacts with residual Paranormal activity in a real world scenario.

Residual Paranormal Activity is just the reproduction of a past event. In essence it is basically energy that is caught in a loop that continually plays the same message. So if the activity happens in the same place, at the same time and in the same manner without any relevance to the surroundings or interaction with investigators then it is most likely residual paranormal activity.

The Singapore Theory in practice is theorized to be a catalyst for increasing residual paranormal activity in a location.  The Singapore Theory is just the process of recreating an environment that is familiar to the paranormal entity that is being investigated.  This can be done in multiple ways, using visual and audio techniques.

The Singapore theory is often used to recreate an environment that is familiar to residual activity in the hopes of causing the residual activity to increase. Audio techniques include playing music, recreating speech, chanting etc, of a specific era or a specific culture that would be familiar to that location. In example, RTS Member Gerry Rowinksky spoke in the Greek Language during an investigation on the USS Salem because the USS Salem was involved with rescue operations in Greece after an earthquake and many Greek civilians passed away on the USS Salem. That investigation can be seen on youtube at Visual Techniques include recreating the setting such as lighting a fire in an old wood stove, or redecorating a house with it’s original furniture, sometimes this is done accidentally by homeowners who are trying to renovate an older building.

In an upcoming investigation for RTS Paranormal we will have a unique chance to not only investigate a location for the first time, but also to test the effects of The Singapore Theories’ effect on paranormal activity.

The Mansion (which shall remain nameless for the time being), was constructed in the late 1800’s in a classic New England Victorian Style on over 300 acres of land.  In the 1940’s the estate was sold to a family from the South. The previous owners had decided to sell the estate after their two twin daughters had committed suicide in the home.

The Family from the South then made major renovations to the home and property, including massive structural changes to the buildings. In example, the front walls of all the buildings were knocked down, and moved back to allow giant pillars typical of a Southern plantation to be added. Also, one of the smaller buildings was converted into a performing arts theatre.

The result of the major changes to the structural property was an increase in the residual activity associated to the daughters whom had passed away. After the original Southern owners had passed away in the home some twenty years later in the 70’s, the heirs of the estate donated the land to the town for conservation wanted to start a performing arts center with the buildings. Hoping to transform the Mansions into dormitories for the performing arts theatre. Unfortunately the transformation to the Mansions never happened, so all that remained was the theatre, which is still in use today. The Mansions were then abandoned from the 70’s to the late 90’s. The Mansions were in complete disrepair and one of them had to be demolished for safety reasons when the town took over the property via eminent domain.

During the period of abandonment this Mansion was boarded up and was the ultimate Haunted House, being huge, old, abandoned, and by itself up in the woods. The likelihood of most personal experiences at this time being attributed to Pareidolia is highly likely. However, one report from a Town Police Officer was that he had an experience on a call to the Mansion, in which he walked into a room and the door locked itself behind him, not letting him open the door to leave the room for quite some time. This was recorded in an official police report thus giving credibility to this experience.  Most commonly people report seeing a female apparition on the main staircase.

After the town took over the remaining Mansion, it was not only fully restored but they changed the structure of the Mansion back to it’s original late 1800’s Victorian Style. They even fully restored the inside of the building by purchasing furniture, cast iron stoves, and making everything as close to original as possible.  This is a perfect example of someone accidentally putting the Singapore Theory to work by visually recreating the late 1800’s setting. As construction has just finished it has yet to be determined whether this will increase or decrease the residual activity in the home.

We will test the Singapore Theory here by introducing the audio element as well. As the building has already been visually altered for the Singapore Theory we will be able to easily test using both Audio and Visual stimuli at the same time. This will hopefully produce some interesting results that will further advance our knowledge of these phenomena.

We may be able to answer some questions that involve the Singapore Theory. One being that if the environment is visually recreated does that increase or decrease the activity? One theory states that residual activity will increase because it is in a familiar setting, another states it will decrease because it won’t be bumping into unfamiliar objects, which is right? We will be able to test this. We may even be able to prove that if you have an old house that has been altered and has paranormal activity that you can get rid of that activity by changing the home back to it’s original layout. Whatever we find, it will help us further advance our knowledge of the Singapore Theory and how it relates to Residual Paranormal Activity.

Keep reading our blog and checking our website for news and information regarding this potential investigation and I will wrap up this story with a conclusion after we have conducted the investigation. So, there is more to come….