RTS Paranormal History – Teaser Trailer #2

Hey everyone!

So, this next episode of Paranormal History is taking more time to finish up that I thought it would!

In addition to the footage showcased in the previous trailer, we’ve gotten some additional footage we’re throwing in as well! As a result, the next video is twice as long as the original episode. It’s shaping up to be really great. It will showcase 3rd mess, the butter room, and the berthing area between the two.

I think the full episode should be done by Sunday. So, be ready! But until then, check out this teaser, featuring none other than my own little sister, BreeAnn.

❤ Tara


One response to “RTS Paranormal History – Teaser Trailer #2

  1. The New trailer looks great . The night that was filmed it was really cool to see the K-II go off when she ask some question on USS Salem.

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