RTS Presents: Paranormal History

RTS has started a new venture- a video series! We call it “Paranormal History.” Here is our first episode, which I hope you enjoy!

❤ Tara

10 responses to “RTS Presents: Paranormal History

    • Yes! There is going to be another USS episode. I’ve started working on it, but I need some more footage and we need to review some of the sounds we captured before I can finish.

      The plan is to try to do full coverage of all the major areas on the boat with reported activity. I currently have stuff in the works for 3rd mess, and the butter room.

      We’re also going to do videos at other upcoming investigations, including an opera house in Maine and Waverly Hills this summer.

      I’m glad you enjoy it!

    • We sure are! I’m probably not going personally, but we do have other team members who are. I’m sure it will be on the best episodes of Paranormal History we have!

  1. The first episode of the Paranormal History on the USS Salem was really fun to film. I would say the best part of filming this was we were only people on the USS Salem that night. The sound you herd on the Film was even more creepy when you are standing there in the dark lol .

  2. The final filming for the USS Salem episode was completed last night. During the filming somthing creepy happed to me during the filming . You need to watch the clips to find out what happed.

  3. Two more episode of Paranormal History is in the works .
    1: Paranormal History – Historical Opera house ” coming soon”
    2: Paranoraml History- Old Salem Massachusetts ” not date yet”

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